There are plenty of word-puzzle games out there for iOS and Android and sometimes it can get a little overwhelming deciding which one to try out. Apprope have created a completely free to play word-puzzle game called WordWhizzle Connect which has you swiping your finger across the screen of your preferred device in order to create words.

Each level will provide a certain amount of words that you need to create. In order to create those words you will need to utilise the provided letters and nothing else. So if there is a word that is five-letters long, you need to use the letters given to you in such a way that a five-letter word is created. However, not just any word can be formed from the provided letters. The
words that are required to pass the level have already been determined and only by uncovering these words will you progress to the next level.

If you get stumped on a word or find yourself struggling with a level, you can buy hints with in-game currency which is earned by progressing through the game or by successfully completing the daily challenge level. You can also purchase in-game currency via in-app purchases at the cost of real-world money. Just be careful how many hints you purchase as they can very quickly eat away at your hard-earned currency. Another tricky option we would recommend you is to visit WordWhizzle Connect Answers. This site is the easiest way to find the answer you need because it is totally free.

If you’re a word-puzzle game fan and looking for a new one to play, WordWhizzle Connect can be downloaded absolutely free. Just be prepared for an in-game advert or two.

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