With over 1,000 levels of word-game goodness, Wordscapes by PeopleFun is a great game to get into if you’re a lover of all things word-related.

Wordscapes combines the simple concept of guessing words via letters provided to you with the ever-popular crossword game. With intersecting words of varying lengths that can go vertically or horizontally across your screen, you’ll need to use your finger to swipe letters in the order they are needed to form a word.

It’s a very simple concept to get used to but the challenge is real. It’ll take a lot longer than an afternoon to go through every level, especially when the harder levels will start throwing longer and more difficult words at you.

Wordscapes is designed beautifully and incorporates beautiful colours, backgrounds and special effects. And being quite a challenging game, if you happen to find yourself stuck on a level or a word, you can purchase hints with in-game currency that you earn by passing levels. Hints will give you a hand uncovering words by providing letters starting from the beginning of a word. But don’t go spend-crazy and use up all of your coins at the early points of the game! Try and save them for when things get harder. We have another solution and no hints are needed for that. Go and visit Wordscapes Answers site and find out the word you are searching for.

Wordscapes is 100% free to download and can be played in it’s entirety without spending a real-life coin from your wallet. It’s challenging, addictive and a pleasure to look at. If you’re into word-games, Wordscapes is definitely one you should be adding to your collection.

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