WordBrain Themes is a puzzle game developed by the same people as WordBrain (MAG Interactive) so you feel very familiar with it. The game offers an uniqueness to it though.


The game is developed in grids of scrambled words and the user has to unscramble them each level. The uniqueness of the game stand at the fact that every level offers you a theme from which the words come from and the theme is always changing. The game is available in both Android and iOS.


The game starts off easy in the first couple of levels and as you progress through it, the harder it gets. The first level you will be presents with a grid 2x2 and as you progress you will see grids of 3x3, 4x4 and 5x5 .


The game is fun and addictive and it offers players a challenge when it comes to solving higher level in increasing difficulties. It becomes necessary for players to use the hits that the game provides in order to keep on progressing. We do recommend you to use them with caution since you will need them later on in the game and you give out won coins in order to use them.


There are multiple places where you can get answers, we recommended these Wordbrain Themes Answers as per their quality and completeness.

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