Wordbrain is a popular word answers game featuring around 600 different unique levels. Developed by MAG Interactive it is one of the highest rated games out there.



The game features a scrambled grid of words, that begins from 2x2 simple grids and exaggerates into really big grid. For you to progress you need to unscramble the grid which in turn will count as progress in the game. This game features over 15 languages, so if you do not like to play it in English, I am pretty sure that they can accommodate you.


As every puzzle game, it starts easy and it becomes a lot more difficult as the levels progress. The English language levels are quite hard, but when it comes to the other languages – truthfully, the one we tried, was quite easy for us. Being a freemium type of game, if you get stuck, there are packages of help that you can buy. Some tend to be a little expensive, but sometimes, when you are stuck, you are stuck.


Wordbrain is one of the most comprehensive word puzzle games there is, especially when it comes to trying something other than English together with that, being so comprehensive, it’s fun for everyone.


There are multiple places where you can get answers, we recommended these Wordbrain Answers as per their quality and completeness.

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