WordBlobs by Apprope is a word-puzzle game that follows a similar concept seen in many modern word games found on the various app stores. The concept is a simple one that requires you to swipe your finger across the screen of your device to create words from the letters displayed. Letters must be swiped in the correct order to create a word. For example, if the letters provided are S, A and T, you will need to swipe starting from the S, then go over the A and finish on the T to create the word ‘SAT’.

Once a level is passed, you will move on to the next one. Passing levels will let you acquire in-game currency which can be used to buy hints. Hints are incredibly handy to use when you’re up against a difficult level or if you get stuck on a word that you just can’t quite guess. By purchasing a hint, you will be shown where one of the letters on your screen goes in a randomly
chosen word. However, keep an eye on how much in-game currency you have, as those hints can quickly clean you out. If you get stuck and you do not have any hint left, another suggestion for you is to check WordBlobs Answers site. Someone has solved this game for us.

The thing that makes WordBlobs a little different from other word-puzzle games of this genre is that each word created MUST use the magic letter. This letter is indicated by being coloured gold. Using a little bit of extra intuitiveness to create this unique mechanic, Apprope have created a great test of vocabulary and spelling. Plus the graphic-style is beautifully designed, colours are bright and stand out and the animations that display throughout levels are satisfying to watch in this free to play game.

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