Word Trek is a word puzzle game and currently one of the most popular. It features countless categories divided by 10 levels each where you have to find the word in a mix of letters.



The game features a scrambled word grid, that starts from the simple 2x2 grids and extends to a 6x6 grid. In order for you to pass the levels you have to find the hidden words in the scrambled grid. Once you find them the game will automatically progress to the next level. It will automatically tell you if your word is wrong (even though it’s a proper English word) and if the unscrambling is also not in the right order. On every occasion you will have to restart the level.


The first grids from 2x2 to 3x3 are pretty easy and do not require any attention. once the grid changes from 4x4 to 5x5 and 6x6 the game gets extremely hard on the other hand the difficulty across the same category remains the same. This game requires a strong vocabulary accompanied with great spelling together with an eye for detail and patterns considering that in the difficult levels all the different words are related to each other


Play it, you must! (there is a Yoda level as well) It will enhance your puzzle skills, helps you develop a perky sense of patterns and refreshes your vocabulary – not to mention that it is so much fun to play it.


There are multiple places where you can get answers, we recommended these Word Trek Answers as per their quality and completeness.

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