Word Search Pro by Word Puzzle Games is a great new word search game available for iOS devices. Providing a solid and authentic word search experience, Word Search Pro will keep your word puzzle desires satiated for hours upon hours.

You play the game by swiping your finger across letters that appear on the gameboard in order to find words. The words you are required to search for are displayed on the screen and will be marked off as they are discovered.

With an unlimited amount of levels to play through, Word Search Pro also provides fifty categories of words to search for. Such categories range from topics such as Body, Business, Art and more. With so many words packed into each category, it’s no surprise that the combination of words to find in a level is endless. If you need help, we suggest to visit Word Search Pro Answers.

Levels can also be played on differing difficulty levels from easy to hard. And there are also different game modes to enjoy such as Blitz which gives you a time limit to find each word and Marathon which requires you to find all words within a set time.

Word Search Pro is designed in a very attractive manner, incorporating beautiful shades of opaque, pastel colours that overlap each other as you find words.

You can download Word Search Pro completely free and the only time you’ll ever have to spend real world money on it is when you feel the need. Otherwise, you won’t ever have to open your wallet.

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