There are a plethora of word games out there on the different app stores and it can be hard to find one that’ll stick with you and keep your attention. Zentertain Ltd. have done a great job bringing their game Word Connect to our fingertips, as it’s so satisfying to play and can keep you addicted for hours.

With 2,000 levels to play through and even more words to uncover, it’s going to take you quite some time to get to the end. Plus it will be time well-played if you’re a word game lover.

Uncovering words is as easy as swiping your finger from letter to letter in order to create words. Each level will have you guessing a number of different length words which need to be formed by the letters provided. Some levels will have hidden words to find whilst others might provide extra coins for discovering certain words.

Coins are used to buy hints which uncover words letter by letter for you. You can also earn extra coins by playing the daily challenge which have you forming words over 5 levels. The levels get progressively harder, so it keeps things interesting, as well as being a way to earn more coins. As the levels get progressively harder you may need extra help and in that case we suggest you to visit Word Connect Answers site.

Packed with some great nostalgic-style graphics, addictive and fast gameplay as well as plenty of levels and words to discover, Word Connect is a great word game to get your hands on. Download Word Connect today and start improving your vocabulary letter by letter.

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