Are you looking for a word puzzle game that will keep you occupied for hours on end? Do you get sick of playing the same old crossword type game? If so, Word Blocks by Kan Hong is something you should seriously be looking at playing.

It adopts a concept used by many other popular word puzzle games that involves swiping your finger across letters in order to form words. But in Word Blocks, it mixes in the notion of intersecting words seen in crosswords. This shakes things up quite nicely as it not only provides a new road for word puzzle games to go down, but it also takes a bit of edge off the overall
difficulty. If you solve one word and another intersects with it, you’ll be able to get an idea of what the word is based around the intersecting letter.

Word Blocks can still be quite a tricky game to play as the words required to be guessed get longer and more complex. If you end up finding yourself stumped on a level, you can always purchase a hint that helps you by showing where one of the letters at your disposal appears in a random word. Hints aren’t free though, they cost in-game currency. And they’re not cheap
either! So it’s a good idea to hold onto your currency until you REALLY need it. But here is another super TRICKY way to continue the game without any hint. We suggest to visit Word Blocks Answers free site.

Kan Hong has allowed Word Blocks to be downloaded for free, so the presence of in-game adverts isn’t surprising to see. And when you think about the quality of the game you are receiving completely free, sitting through short adverts is a small price to pay.

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