Let’s talk about something cool today, not visually, but socially and a little about the work live balance. An article that is circulating lately on the web about German efficiency followed by a related article on how to cheat working in an American Company. Truthfully whatever you do, no matter how well you try to do anything (which the Cool will not approve) there is something that goes without saying, when there is work to do, it will have to be done, period. I am pretty sure that all our target audience, is importantly looking forward to us telling you how to specifically have this proper ideal work life balance. Well who are we to tell you how to live your life? On the other hand we can recommend that having a healthy work life balance can be done, or better stated it can be a work in progress.

1-      Difference

The most important factor is that this balance is different from one person to the other. Let’s take us at cool and geek. One properly gets out of the office on time, the other just sucks at it. In the end that balancing act is more of a personal goal. Time is relative when it comes to achieving your goals and some goals are time consuming.

2-      Acceptance

Another important factor is identifying with yourself and understanding with yourself your limits.  Are you willing to go that extra mile? What will this extra mile do for you? Is it worthy? Depending on how you answer these questions, this relative amount of time, differs from one to the other.

3-      Doing

The previous two points did not make a difference? Then get out of work at 5:30, period. No matter how much work you have and no matter what you have to do and if you cannot manage that, quit.

4-      Quitting

Ok, so now you are close to thinking about quitting and then reasons why you need the job come into consideration.  If this is so, start by understanding yourself. Can you? For most of us, doing something that we love, and quitting corporate life, is hard and close to impossible.

5-      Why did we go through this process?

Because having a healthy work life balance is not about hours but it’s about understanding what you want from life.

I got you thinking right?

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