First of all let me start by enhancing the fact that I am not rich in terms of cold cash and/or properties. And second let me introduce to my way of trying to, making, failing and trying some more to make something of myself.

Implementation on the fly

My most general rule of all is that when an idea rolls in your head, implement it. It doesn’t matter, it could be the worst idea of the world, but as long as it’s yours, then it deserves to be implemented, period. Take Cool and Geek for example. This thing has been rolled out in a week.

Innovation that comes as a result

Implementation on the fly makes something out of nothing that is usually never done before. Revolutionizing this market is why we are here and why we are getting paid. Once in a while there is this really bright person that creates this unique never heard before thing that goes viral. Keep in mind that this uniqueness doesn’t come only in a global form, but rather a local one.

Failure which is inevitable

Most of our projects, let’s face it, they will fail, and miserably. Why do they fail? Well in today’s world, that the only commodities are time and attention, we fail to provide the time and the attention necessary to these projects. Even if money is no issue (which let’s be realistic, if you are reading this and I have the time to write this, it’s an issue) our lack of continuous time, attention and effort will provide a basis for failure. Additionally there are some cases that the project is not solid enough, and those are the actual cases that we have to sit in silence and start acting dumb, because we already gone dumber.

The scapable Success and cutting losses.

Let’s define success. Success in most of startup projects comes in:

  • Actually monetary success that makes a project so nice that it can be sold of incorporated.
  • Business Case success which you have to rinse, polish and repeat.
  • Cutting your losses success, where you have realized that you are getting dumber and have to step down to being dumb again

Not so viable conclusions are two, at least on my point of view. First and foremost never stop working on your next dream, and second and most important, be humble enough to learn from your business cases and on a step by step basis you will have enough data to turn a startup project into a solid business idea. That is where you have grown up.

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