So I do a little of this and a little of that, but mainly digital marketing, and though the course of the service, usually i get the average weird email: can you convert this .eps logo into a word document. You know these – I am sure you do :P.  I also get the occasional, I will pay you next month and the invoice doesn’t get paid for the whole next month until you forcefully remind them – which is also fine.

But what gets on my nerves is  the moment that you get confirmed on a project, and you do the work and you never get a review back and the project goes on and on non stop…you know that – yes that?

What I forcefully try to do at this point is focus on three different directions:


You must always opt in for prepayment. I usually go for my direct project costs. Sometimes it’s just 20% but in some projects is about 70%. Putting down a payment incentivised the client to be completely involved – because in the end it is something that has already cost them something.

Invoice dates based on project kick-off

Usually one gives out an invoice based on a deliverable. I try to keep my invoices based on dates. On the offer define payment dates so that the client is prepared to meet them.

Meet the client

Weekly meetings are a must – even if it just coffee or just a simple hi over skype. The client must feel you around – because if they don’t they will not be inclined to pay you.

Bonus: Lawyer up in case nothing works. 

Usually just a simple request from a law office gets the payment through.

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