Ever get the urge to sit down with a good old crossword in a train, on the toilet or when passing time? By downloading Crossword Quiz – Crossword Puzzle by Conversion, LLC, you’ll not only be getting a great crossword game to play for free, but you’ll also be challenging your vocabulary and general knowledge like it’s never been challenged before.

Packed full of heaps of levels laid out in the typical way a crossword is displayed, you’ll become instantly familiar with the game. With empty rows and columns being displayed horizontally or vertically, you need to swipe your finger along your chosen row or column in order to start solving it. To help solve the words, clues are given after you swipe your finger. The clues are displayed as pictures, animations or sentences.

Ranging from rather basic clues to quite perplexing ones, your brain is really going to have the test of it’s lifetime by trying to solve every word. To help aid with each level, you can purchase hints with coins that are rewarded to you after each level is solved. These hints will fill a random letter into the word you are trying to solve, thus making it slowly easier to finish. We have also another easy way to suggest you for finding the word you need. Go and visit¬†Crossword Quiz Answers¬†because no hint or coin is needed for that.

Words appearing in each level are governed by a specific topic such as celebrities, music, food and heaps more. Crossword Quiz – Crossword Puzzle is 100% free to play and will only ask you to spend real-world money if you run out of in-game currency. But you can always employ the help of a good old encyclopaedia!

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