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Tips for Solving a Crossword Puzzle

Tips for Solving a Crossword Puzzle

Whether you’re just starting out with crossword puzzles or are an old pro, these tips are geared toward helping you become more successful in completing any crossword puzzle that you attempt.

• Use a pencil or white-out.
This allows you to erase or cover up your mistakes so that you may keep going instead of having to throw out the entire unfinished puzzle.

• Use the same sources for your puzzles.
Using the same source for your puzzles will allow you to get familiar with the authors’ style and habits. If the person writing the crossword puzzle in your daily newspaper is partial to French, you will quickly find yourself able to fill in all the French clues right away.

• When stuck, mark the plural clues.
Clues denoting plural are almost always hinting that the word ends with an “s.” Find these clues and write an “s” at the end of each of their corresponding answers.

• Use references and resources.
It’s perfectly acceptable to use a thesaurus, dictionary, crossword solvers, or even a friend to help you solve your crossword puzzle. Most people simply cannot complete the tough ones with no external help.

• Think of uncommon meanings and homonyms.
Learn to see the base of a word with all its possible meanings. The clue “flower” could describe something that flows, such as a river. Also, watch out for homonyms – words which have the same spelling, but different meanings (such as tear, wind, bore).

• Try multi-word answers.
Answers do not always have to be just one word. Try thinking of answers with multiple word answers. For example, the 5-letter answer to “exit” might not be “LEAVE,” but instead, “GOOUT.”

• Fill in the small (less than 5 letter) words first.
Pick out all the shortest words, and attempt to fill those in first. This will get you off to a great start, as many of these short words are easy answers.

• Learn the language of “crosswordese.”
Speaking of small words, “Crosswordese” is a common tool employed by puzzle makers. This term is used for words often found in crossword puzzles but with rare usage in day to day conversation. These words are short (3-5 letters), and can be unofficial abbreviations.

Some examples of common crosswordese:
• Directions:
• ESE = East-southeast (112.5°)
• SBW = South by west (191.25°)
• Foreign words
• Erse – Scottish Gaelic
• Été – summer in French
• Srta. – abbreviation for señorita (Spanish)
• Words Found in Poetry
• E’en – contraction of “even”
• Erin – poetic name for Ireland
• O’er – contraction of “over”
• Roman numerals
• Remember, letters can double up as numbers. HENRYVIII is the answer to a clue about the famous Tudor King.
• Examples of U.S. States/Canadian Provinces:
• Ala. – Alabama
• Kans. – Kansas (unofficially; also “Kan.” or “Kas.”)
• Penn. – Pennsylvania (unofficially)
• Que. – Quebec

Why the work-life balance concept is wrong

Why the work-life balance concept is wrong

Let’s talk about something cool today, not visually, but socially and a little about the work live balance. An article that is circulating lately on the web about German efficiency followed by a related article on how to cheat working in an American Company. Truthfully whatever you do, no matter how well you try to do anything (which the Cool will not approve) there is something that goes without saying, when there is work to do, it will have to be done, period. I am pretty sure that all our target audience, is importantly looking forward to us telling you how to specifically have this proper ideal work life balance. Well who are we to tell you how to live your life? On the other hand we can recommend that having a healthy work life balance can be done, or better stated it can be a work in progress.

1-      Difference

The most important factor is that this balance is different from one person to the other. Let’s take us at cool and geek. One properly gets out of the office on time, the other just sucks at it. In the end that balancing act is more of a personal goal. Time is relative when it comes to achieving your goals and some goals are time consuming.

2-      Acceptance

Another important factor is identifying with yourself and understanding with yourself your limits.  Are you willing to go that extra mile? What will this extra mile do for you? Is it worthy? Depending on how you answer these questions, this relative amount of time, differs from one to the other.

3-      Doing

The previous two points did not make a difference? Then get out of work at 5:30, period. No matter how much work you have and no matter what you have to do and if you cannot manage that, quit.

4-      Quitting

Ok, so now you are close to thinking about quitting and then reasons why you need the job come into consideration.  If this is so, start by understanding yourself. Can you? For most of us, doing something that we love, and quitting corporate life, is hard and close to impossible.

5-      Why did we go through this process?

Because having a healthy work life balance is not about hours but it’s about understanding what you want from life.

I got you thinking right?

The Geeks take on making money

The Geeks take on making money

First of all let me start by enhancing the fact that I am not rich in terms of cold cash and/or properties. And second let me introduce to my way of trying to, making, failing and trying some more to make something of myself.

Implementation on the fly

My most general rule of all is that when an idea rolls in your head, implement it. It doesn’t matter, it could be the worst idea of the world, but as long as it’s yours, then it deserves to be implemented, period. Take Cool and Geek for example. This thing has been rolled out in a week.

Innovation that comes as a result

Implementation on the fly makes something out of nothing that is usually never done before. Revolutionizing this market is why we are here and why we are getting paid. Once in a while there is this really bright person that creates this unique never heard before thing that goes viral. Keep in mind that this uniqueness doesn’t come only in a global form, but rather a local one.

Failure which is inevitable

Most of our projects, let’s face it, they will fail, and miserably. Why do they fail? Well in today’s world, that the only commodities are time and attention, we fail to provide the time and the attention necessary to these projects. Even if money is no issue (which let’s be realistic, if you are reading this and I have the time to write this, it’s an issue) our lack of continuous time, attention and effort will provide a basis for failure. Additionally there are some cases that the project is not solid enough, and those are the actual cases that we have to sit in silence and start acting dumb, because we already gone dumber.

The scapable Success and cutting losses.

Let’s define success. Success in most of startup projects comes in:

  • Actually monetary success that makes a project so nice that it can be sold of incorporated.
  • Business Case success which you have to rinse, polish and repeat.
  • Cutting your losses success, where you have realized that you are getting dumber and have to step down to being dumb again

Not so viable conclusions are two, at least on my point of view. First and foremost never stop working on your next dream, and second and most important, be humble enough to learn from your business cases and on a step by step basis you will have enough data to turn a startup project into a solid business idea. That is where you have grown up.

Freelancing: Overcome project stagnation and payment issues

Freelancing: Overcome project stagnation and payment issues

So I do a little of this and a little of that, but mainly digital marketing, and though the course of the service, usually i get the average weird email: can you convert this .eps logo into a word document. You know these – I am sure you do :P.  I also get the occasional, I will pay you next month and the invoice doesn’t get paid for the whole next month until you forcefully remind them – which is also fine.

But what gets on my nerves is  the moment that you get confirmed on a project, and you do the work and you never get a review back and the project goes on and on non stop…you know that – yes that?

What I forcefully try to do at this point is focus on three different directions:


You must always opt in for prepayment. I usually go for my direct project costs. Sometimes it’s just 20% but in some projects is about 70%. Putting down a payment incentivised the client to be completely involved – because in the end it is something that has already cost them something.

Invoice dates based on project kick-off

Usually one gives out an invoice based on a deliverable. I try to keep my invoices based on dates. On the offer define payment dates so that the client is prepared to meet them.

Meet the client

Weekly meetings are a must – even if it just coffee or just a simple hi over skype. The client must feel you around – because if they don’t they will not be inclined to pay you.

Bonus: Lawyer up in case nothing works. 

Usually just a simple request from a law office gets the payment through.

I need to get on a diet, a digital diet

I need to get on a diet, a digital diet

Hi my name is #Geek and i am a digital-holic.

In the middle of the summer we have the wedding season, holiday season, hot season together with the main and impossible “i still have to work today” season. That being said, I woke up today with my same exact routine as i would wake up every single day, even though my body says other wise.

I woke up and turned off my alarm clock on my phone. While I was at it, checked all notifications, went on and checked my emails, Facebook, Instagram, current ad campaigns and some rankings for the sites. This is not even including giving out any replies just yet. Of course i had to check if there are any Pokemon around…because you know…reasons.

And all of this without even brushing my teeth. You can easily imagine how the next hour of getting ready and going to work through traffic will go but I will skip the boring details and focus on work.

Once I get in the office, I have to properly check my emails and reply back, and while i organize my schedule and put down the to-do list of the day I read my daily articles, vox, vice, medium, etc.

You catch my drift? Its not even 9 AM just yet and I have spend 95% of the time glued into getting more and more information, where most of it is pure gossip of my Facebook and Instagram friends and/or any unrelated crap that one find just superficially interested (i.e – you can’t believe what happened to set celebrity – diply type of crap obviously.)

This is bad. I should stop this. But how?

First of, I am thinking of starting easy:

  1. De-clutter your social media feed. remove those annoying funny pages with nonsense videos (mothers be like type)
  2. Remove most of the notifications – keep texts on. You don’t need to keep in touch with half of the world, or know how many likes your new instagram post has
  3. Focus on getting a specific category of information – music, educational – whatever floats your boat

Next once you do a week of this, you should consider detox times. Take a whole month of minimal social media activity – and by minimal i mean, just don’t open the app at all. Focusing on getting some free time other than social media or any other 9gagging sort of activity.

  1. Focus on getting fit – not wasting time is a byproduct of being more efficient at your job through focusing at what you do and realizing that there is much more to your life other than binge watching  Game of Thrones and scrolling reddit.
  2. Start that freelance project you keep bragging about. Get it done. Start it up, Shut up about not having enough time.
  3. Be a little like a hipster and talk to people face to face.

I am going to try this out. Lets see how it goes.

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