Freelancing: Overcome project stagnation and payment issues

Freelancing: Overcome project stagnation and payment issues

So I do a little of this and a little of that, but mainly digital marketing, and though the course of the service, usually i get the average weird email: can you convert this .eps logo into a word document. You know these – I am sure you do :P.  I also get the occasional, I will pay you next month and the invoice doesn’t get paid for the whole next month until you forcefully remind them – which is also fine.

But what gets on my nerves is  the moment that you get confirmed on a project, and you do the work and you never get a review back and the project goes on and on non stop…you know that – yes that?

What I forcefully try to do at this point is focus on three different directions:


You must always opt in for prepayment. I usually go for my direct project costs. Sometimes it’s just 20% but in some projects is about 70%. Putting down a payment incentivised the client to be completely involved – because in the end it is something that has already cost them something.

Invoice dates based on project kick-off

Usually one gives out an invoice based on a deliverable. I try to keep my invoices based on dates. On the offer define payment dates so that the client is prepared to meet them.

Meet the client

Weekly meetings are a must – even if it just coffee or just a simple hi over skype. The client must feel you around – because if they don’t they will not be inclined to pay you.

Bonus: Lawyer up in case nothing works. 

Usually just a simple request from a law office gets the payment through.

I need to get on a diet, a digital diet

I need to get on a diet, a digital diet

Hi my name is #Geek and i am a digital-holic.

In the middle of the summer we have the wedding season, holiday season, hot season together with the main and impossible “i still have to work today” season. That being said, I woke up today with my same exact routine as i would wake up every single day, even though my body says other wise.

I woke up and turned off my alarm clock on my phone. While I was at it, checked all notifications, went on and checked my emails, Facebook, Instagram, current ad campaigns and some rankings for the sites. This is not even including giving out any replies just yet. Of course i had to check if there are any Pokemon around…because you know…reasons.

And all of this without even brushing my teeth. You can easily imagine how the next hour of getting ready and going to work through traffic will go but I will skip the boring details and focus on work.

Once I get in the office, I have to properly check my emails and reply back, and while i organize my schedule and put down the to-do list of the day I read my daily articles, vox, vice, medium, etc.

You catch my drift? Its not even 9 AM just yet and I have spend 95% of the time glued into getting more and more information, where most of it is pure gossip of my Facebook and Instagram friends and/or any unrelated crap that one find just superficially interested (i.e – you can’t believe what happened to set celebrity – diply type of crap obviously.)

This is bad. I should stop this. But how?

First of, I am thinking of starting easy:

  1. De-clutter your social media feed. remove those annoying funny pages with nonsense videos (mothers be like type)
  2. Remove most of the notifications – keep texts on. You don’t need to keep in touch with half of the world, or know how many likes your new instagram post has
  3. Focus on getting a specific category of information – music, educational – whatever floats your boat

Next once you do a week of this, you should consider detox times. Take a whole month of minimal social media activity – and by minimal i mean, just don’t open the app at all. Focusing on getting some free time other than social media or any other 9gagging sort of activity.

  1. Focus on getting fit – not wasting time is a byproduct of being more efficient at your job through focusing at what you do and realizing that there is much more to your life other than binge watching  Game of Thrones and scrolling reddit.
  2. Start that freelance project you keep bragging about. Get it done. Start it up, Shut up about not having enough time.
  3. Be a little like a hipster and talk to people face to face.

I am going to try this out. Lets see how it goes.

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