Bonza Word Puzzle by the game developers at Minimega Pty Ltd have brought us an incredibly genuine and challenging new word-game. Displayed similarly to crosswords, it has you forming words by placing boxes pre-filled with letters next to each other so the words they create exist and are correct.

There are heaps of levels to play through and daily challenges even get tossed into the mix to keep things fresh and new. Also, if you happen to find yourself mulling over a level and finding it hard to form any words, you can always invest your in-game currency into purchasing a hint.The hints will help you form words by showing you where letters go with a certain word. If you don’t have any hint left another suggestion for you is to visit Bonza Word Puzzle Answers. This is a free site where you can find all the answers from Bonza Word Puzzle.

What’s more is you can create your own puzzles to send to your friends so they can experience a handmade challenge by yours truly.

The challenge of Bonza Word Puzzle is really great, and the game doesn’t throw punches by having you form any word you can think of. Instead each level is given a title which dictates what words you have to form. I.e. the title might be “Eye of the…” so the words you need to create need to follow the title so it makes sense.

Being a free to play title, one would think the game itself is quite limited, but it’s quite the contrary. There are heaps of levels to play through and being surprised each day with a new level to conquer mixes things up ever so nicely.

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