Crossword Quiz Review

Crossword Quiz Review

Ever get the urge to sit down with a good old crossword in a train, on the toilet or when passing time? By downloading Crossword Quiz – Crossword Puzzle by Conversion, LLC, you’ll not only be getting a great crossword game to play for free, but you’ll also be challenging your vocabulary and general knowledge like it’s never been challenged before.

Packed full of heaps of levels laid out in the typical way a crossword is displayed, you’ll become instantly familiar with the game. With empty rows and columns being displayed horizontally or vertically, you need to swipe your finger along your chosen row or column in order to start solving it. To help solve the words, clues are given after you swipe your finger. The clues are displayed as pictures, animations or sentences.

Ranging from rather basic clues to quite perplexing ones, your brain is really going to have the test of it’s lifetime by trying to solve every word. To help aid with each level, you can purchase hints with coins that are rewarded to you after each level is solved. These hints will fill a random letter into the word you are trying to solve, thus making it slowly easier to finish. We have also another easy way to suggest you for finding the word you need. Go and visit Crossword Quiz Answers because no hint or coin is needed for that.

Words appearing in each level are governed by a specific topic such as celebrities, music, food and heaps more. Crossword Quiz – Crossword Puzzle is 100% free to play and will only ask you to spend real-world money if you run out of in-game currency. But you can always employ the help of a good old encyclopaedia!

Bonza Word Puzzle Review

Bonza Word Puzzle Review

Bonza Word Puzzle by the game developers at Minimega Pty Ltd have brought us an incredibly genuine and challenging new word-game. Displayed similarly to crosswords, it has you forming words by placing boxes pre-filled with letters next to each other so the words they create exist and are correct.

There are heaps of levels to play through and daily challenges even get tossed into the mix to keep things fresh and new. Also, if you happen to find yourself mulling over a level and finding it hard to form any words, you can always invest your in-game currency into purchasing a hint.The hints will help you form words by showing you where letters go with a certain word. If you don’t have any hint left another suggestion for you is to visit Bonza Word Puzzle Answers. This is a free site where you can find all the answers from Bonza Word Puzzle.

What’s more is you can create your own puzzles to send to your friends so they can experience a handmade challenge by yours truly.

The challenge of Bonza Word Puzzle is really great, and the game doesn’t throw punches by having you form any word you can think of. Instead each level is given a title which dictates what words you have to form. I.e. the title might be “Eye of the…” so the words you need to create need to follow the title so it makes sense.

Being a free to play title, one would think the game itself is quite limited, but it’s quite the contrary. There are heaps of levels to play through and being surprised each day with a new level to conquer mixes things up ever so nicely.

Wordscapes Review

Wordscapes Review

With over 1,000 levels of word-game goodness, Wordscapes by PeopleFun is a great game to get into if you’re a lover of all things word-related.

Wordscapes combines the simple concept of guessing words via letters provided to you with the ever-popular crossword game. With intersecting words of varying lengths that can go vertically or horizontally across your screen, you’ll need to use your finger to swipe letters in the order they are needed to form a word.

It’s a very simple concept to get used to but the challenge is real. It’ll take a lot longer than an afternoon to go through every level, especially when the harder levels will start throwing longer and more difficult words at you.

Wordscapes is designed beautifully and incorporates beautiful colours, backgrounds and special effects. And being quite a challenging game, if you happen to find yourself stuck on a level or a word, you can purchase hints with in-game currency that you earn by passing levels. Hints will give you a hand uncovering words by providing letters starting from the beginning of a word. But don’t go spend-crazy and use up all of your coins at the early points of the game! Try and save them for when things get harder. We have another solution and no hints are needed for that. Go and visit Wordscapes Answers site and find out the word you are searching for.

Wordscapes is 100% free to download and can be played in it’s entirety without spending a real-life coin from your wallet. It’s challenging, addictive and a pleasure to look at. If you’re into word-games, Wordscapes is definitely one you should be adding to your collection.

Word Connect Review

Word Connect Review

There are a plethora of word games out there on the different app stores and it can be hard to find one that’ll stick with you and keep your attention. Zentertain Ltd. have done a great job bringing their game Word Connect to our fingertips, as it’s so satisfying to play and can keep you addicted for hours.

With 2,000 levels to play through and even more words to uncover, it’s going to take you quite some time to get to the end. Plus it will be time well-played if you’re a word game lover.

Uncovering words is as easy as swiping your finger from letter to letter in order to create words. Each level will have you guessing a number of different length words which need to be formed by the letters provided. Some levels will have hidden words to find whilst others might provide extra coins for discovering certain words.

Coins are used to buy hints which uncover words letter by letter for you. You can also earn extra coins by playing the daily challenge which have you forming words over 5 levels. The levels get progressively harder, so it keeps things interesting, as well as being a way to earn more coins. As the levels get progressively harder you may need extra help and in that case we suggest you to visit Word Connect Answers site.

Packed with some great nostalgic-style graphics, addictive and fast gameplay as well as plenty of levels and words to discover, Word Connect is a great word game to get your hands on. Download Word Connect today and start improving your vocabulary letter by letter.

Letter Peak Review

Letter Peak Review

Letter Peak – Word Search Up is a challenging and fun anagram word game from the developers at SMART UP INC.

Easy for the kids to pick up and play or great for grown-ups to practice their word skills, Letter Peak – Word Search Up presents you with a number of letters in a circle that you need to make words from.

The game introduces you to its simple yet brain-expanding concept very succinctly.
Each level, starting from “Baby” difficulty and ranging through to “Genius” difficulty, presents you with a number of differing length words to guess. By swiping your finger across each letter in the circle, you form words to place in those empty boxes. Sometimes you might be presented with easy two-letter words, other times you might have to guess difficult seven-letter words.

Letter Peak – Word Search Up is a very devious game that will seriously challenge your vocabulary. To help you out, hints can be provided that fill in letters for you. Hints are gained for free by finishing each section of the game, but they can also be purchased via in-app purchases.

Sidenote: If you get stuck in any level while playing the game we suggest you to take a look at Letter Peak Answers

The presentation of the game is smooth, easy to get used to and incorporates some gorgeous and simplistic graphics.

In summary, if you’re a fan of word games, or just looking for something to help expand your knowledge, Letter Peak – Word Search Up is definitely something you should consider downloading for free.

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